Does This Sound Like a Possible Drug Addiction?

Question by ?: Does this sound like a possible drug addiction?
I used to date this guy. He’s now 20 years old.

A year ago, when we dated, he was tan, very fit, had muscles, had perfectly clear skin, got his hair cut all the time, was clean cut, smelled good. He was hot. He never went to parties or clubs back then but he did stay up late.

I just saw him after a year of not seeing each other. He looked really bad. He was really pale (it’s hot where we live), he looked boney, he doesn’t shave his face anymore, his hair is a long and dirty mess, his face is broken out in acne, bags under his eyes, and doesn’t seem to be care about hygeine.

He now parties and goes to clubs all the time so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
He’s never done drugs and I’m pretty sure that he never would but he does drink.

It’s like he doesn’t care about his appearance AT ALL anymore when he used to be finicky.

Does that sound like a possible drug addiction?
Yeah, I agree. I do think it’s strange that goes to nice clubs all the time when he doesn’t care about his appearance at all when people usually try to look as good as possible when going to clubs

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Answer by stout1128
maybe he just has different views on life now . people change over time

Answer by CryptoDalek
Yep. He’s gonna die.

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