Will SSI Pay for Drug Rehab?

Question by : Will SSI pay for drug rehab?
My father is disabled from health problems. He receives SSI as a result, which does not really cover his monthly living expenses. He is somewhat independent, but as a result of the injury, the government has placed me as his representative payee, meaning I have control of his finances. I do not, however, have control of his medical, or anything of that sort. He has become addicted to his prescription pain pills, and I am trying to figure out how to get him help.

Will Social Security pay for a drug rehab program? He does not have the money to pay for the program on his own. I have done some research, but found nothing online about it. I am afraid to ask SSI, for fear that it may jeopardize his benefits. We want to get him help, but I was hoping somebody on here may have had some experience or knowledge with this situation.

Please do not comment on the his addiction problem or be judgmental. You do not know his situation or the circumstances behind his addiction. We want to get him help, but we also want to make sure he is able to receive his SSI benefits.

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Answer by Häschen Mädchen
You should ask this question in the People with Disabilities section. There are people there who know more about SSI than I do, and they might be able to help you. I’m sorry that I can’t help much.

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Answer by Robin Spake
SSI does not pay for drug rehab (as far as I know). You may be able to get 3 or 4 days of rehab if you find a doctor who is willing to do this. First it must be in a teaching (University) hospital with a Neuro, Psych, and a NeuroPsych unit, and have a neurology intensive care unit. Your doctor may be able to admit you as a NeuroPsych patient, to a neuroPsych evaluation of the effects of withdraw of x drug on a patient with x condition.

That will get you 3 days. They may be able to extend it to 4 days, may be 5.

Everything has a back door, and a side door.

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