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Will SSI Pay for Drug Rehab?

Question by : Will SSI pay for drug rehab?
My father is disabled from health problems. He receives SSI as a result, which does not really cover his monthly living expenses. He is somewhat independent, but as a result of the injury, the government has placed me as his representative payee, meaning I have control of his finances. I do not, however, have control of his medical, or anything of that sort. He has become addicted to his prescription pain pills, and I am trying to figure out how to get him help.

Drug Rehab Centers That Dont Cost an Arm and Leg?

Question by P: drug rehab centers that dont cost an arm and leg?
im looking for affordable drug treatment centers down south or out west. ive talked to a few but they cost too much money. i only have 10 grand to play around with and i need a place that does payment plans. also i need oxy cotin treatment centerss

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Answer by Christopher W
try looking up methadone treatment centers just type that and your towns name into the search engine

Answer by raysny
Rehabs don’t do payment plans because most people relapse and they’d never get paid. Most people go on insurance or through Social Services/Medicaid.

Addressing the Opiate Epidemic in Ashland County and Ohio

Addressing the Opiate Epidemic in Ashland County and Ohio — This was presented by Dennis Dyer, LICDC, Director of the Ashland County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse. The presentation was made on May 28, 2013, from …

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What’s It Like in Drug Rehab?

Question by Michael Jackson FANNY!: What’s it like in drug rehab?
I live in Chicago Illinois and was wondering what is was like to be in a drug rehab? I would like to go to one. Are there any free ones? Drug of choice is heroin.

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Answer by mario
wow…that’s a big one…i don’t know about a free clinic…i think most rehabs want insurance..

How Can U Help a Friend Beat a Cocain Habit Besides Rehab?

Question by Oceana: How can U help a friend beat a cocain Habit besides Rehab?

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Answer by James R
If your friend doesn’t want to stop then theres no need to try and help. Here is a start for him if he really wants help. Go to www.na.org this is narcotics anonymous Membership there is no fees to join. the only requirement is the desire to stop using drugs. type in your city and state, and down load the meeting schedule, there will be one in your area. They will help you out. I know I attend.
Good luck

Does Anybody Know About the Famous Drug Rehabilitation Center in Newport Beach, California?

Question by jakey: Does anybody know about the famous drug rehabilitation center in Newport Beach, California?
My sister Winnie asked me to enter this question because we’re looking for a drug rehabilitation center that she can enter because after months of intermittent fights, she finally gave in to the thought of being admitted to a rehab. The only condition she asked for is to be admitted to a drug rehabilitation center in Newport Beach, California because she heard that both Nicole Richie and Courtney Love were admitted there too. I don’t know how to find it so I’m asking for your help. Thanks a lot.