Does Anybody Know About the Famous Drug Rehabilitation Center in Newport Beach, California?

Question by jakey: Does anybody know about the famous drug rehabilitation center in Newport Beach, California?
My sister Winnie asked me to enter this question because we’re looking for a drug rehabilitation center that she can enter because after months of intermittent fights, she finally gave in to the thought of being admitted to a rehab. The only condition she asked for is to be admitted to a drug rehabilitation center in Newport Beach, California because she heard that both Nicole Richie and Courtney Love were admitted there too. I don’t know how to find it so I’m asking for your help. Thanks a lot.

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Answer by Eva
Well, if the only way for you to convince your sister Winnie to enter a drug rehabilitation center is to admit her into the one that used to house Nicole Richie and Courtney Love, so be it. Getting better is the most important thing here, right? It doesn’t matter where the rehab is located because the determination to get better is the only thing that’s important. I think that rehab your sister is talking about is Beau Monde. It’s quite expensive but if you have the money, you should give it a try. Here are some helpful links:

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