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Marijuana News: Alaska's Legalized Pot Measure Expected to Land on Fall Ballot

Marijuana news: Alaska's legalized pot measure expected to land on fall ballot
Still, although the number of NIDA-funded studies involving cannabis has increased dramatically over last decade, from 22 for $ 6 million in 2003 to 69 for $ 30.2 million in 2012, the overwhelming majority are concerned with it as a drug of abuse, such …
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Iowa Senate approves medical cannabis oil bill
Senate File 2360 was approved 36-12 after a lengthy debate that included several Republican lawmakers who warned that legalizing any form of marijuana would send the wrong message to young people in jeopardy of abusing drugs. The bill was sent … The …
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Attorney General Conway Announces $32 Million for Drug Addiction Treatment

Attorney General Conway Announces Million for Drug Addiction Treatment — Attorney General Jack Conway announced that more than million recovered in settlements with two pharmaceutical companies will be used throughout Kentucky…

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Parents Protest Drug Clinic in Suburban Cincinnati

Parents protest drug clinic in suburban Cincinnati
CINCINNATI (AP) — The Deer Park City Council in suburban Cincinnati is expected to discuss the fate of a clinic for drug addicts that opened across the street from an elementary school. The discussion follows a Saturday protest in front of the clinic …
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Police commmanders outline factors, steps to curb homicides and heroin use in
CINCINNATI – Stopping short of declaring a public health emergency, police officials told city council that homicides and heroin are the two leading criminal causes of death in the city. Assistant Chief David Bailey and narcotics Sgt. Chris Conners …
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addiction….Now Im on Suboxone, Any Tips?

Question by BaBaoooMowMow: addiction….Now im on suboxone, Any tips?
Hello All. I feel awful stupid doing this but here goes…. I have been a member of YA since spring or so. During this time I wrote several answers to people who were caught in the throws of addiction. The irony is that during this time i was a raging norco addict. Well today it all came to head. I burned through my meds waaaaaay too fast and I went to the doctor’s office to get more. This would be two weeks before I was due. Knowing this I decided to pull some BS and steal part of my chart with my last script so I could get more. But I was caught. I know I deserved to go to jail or at the least be kicked from my doctor’s office. But instead they sat down with me and talked about my addiction and how it can make good people do really bad things. Just to clarify I really think of myself as a pretty good person, im the father of two and have a wife of 21 years. I started taking painkillers for a herniated disk. But as summer went on I started taking more and taking them when I really didnt need pain relief. To give you an idea of the scale I would take 5 10/325 norco’s at a time and sometimes I would take as many as 7 10/325!

Does This Sound Like a Possible Drug Addiction?

Question by ?: Does this sound like a possible drug addiction?
I used to date this guy. He’s now 20 years old.

A year ago, when we dated, he was tan, very fit, had muscles, had perfectly clear skin, got his hair cut all the time, was clean cut, smelled good. He was hot. He never went to parties or clubs back then but he did stay up late.

The Detrimental Effects of the Drug Addicted Parents to the Family Lineage

The Detrimental Effects of the Drug Addicted Parents to the Family Lineage — A Review of Data findings.

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