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Drug and alcohol rehab in the modern days has become a subject and concern of many components of our society and more and more we expect all those who sign in for drug and alcohol rehab to go through is successfully. Though due to the constant moral degradation of the society and families, the number of people reported to be addicted is increasing and many efforts are been invested to guide through all those who intent to do away with substance abuse. Drug and alcohol rehab suggests that all those who go through the rehabilitation process should be guided to the most convenient and effective methods so far. The main idea here is not lead any one from a stage of total dependence to a point where an individual will be free to choose how to live his life subsequently.

There is no way to guarantee the once a person is out of dependence he will never has to deal with substances. As an illustration we can say that there are two sets of people on earth. Those who are free to take drugs and those who are dependent on drugs. The difference is that the free man can choose to consume drugs and lose his freedom but most choose to remain free whereas the person dependent will never choose but will always consume. Drug and alcohol rehab properly carried out may help you stand free to choose how to live your life.

Understanding the need to use appropriate methods can be very beneficial in the sense that it helps you avoid wasting focus and emotions. Drug and alcohol rehab process takes some care and especially a strong will. These are some step any one can use.

You got to admit you need help! This has always been the first thing to do without which there is really nothing someone can do for you. It is known that grown up people should know how to handle their own life. However this wise saying should be applied rightly in drug and alcohol rehab. A grown up and wise person will also notice that very few are those did this all alone and that most of those who succeeded are those admitted help.
Decide to life a drug free life. This is also a quite simple rule to follow. Know that one of the greatest factors that cause people to be addicted is the set of information that they get about drugs. If a person decides to stop smoking cigarette and yet always goes to places were people smoke and are addicted to substances, then it is much likely that person will fall back into dependence. However any person who decides to live a substance free life must avoid any sort of image, sound, taste or even scent that suggest addiction.
Above all until proof of the contrary know that God has always wanted to save and set free all those ignore the modern man’s conception that “God is not relevant in some issues” and turn to him. Today many people are turning back to God. You are free to choose.

Nelson Kana is currently a Youth Worker in a local Youth Ministry in Cameroon and has been carrying out researches on drug and alcohol rehab []

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