Feeling Depressed for No Reason?

Question by : feeling depressed for no reason?
sometimes i just have random waves of sadness and i have no idea why i’m sad. please tell me if you/s experience this too, is it normal? sometimes i am happy, sometimes my mood just completely drops and i feel so deeply depressed about life there is nothing wrong in my life. one day last month i was completely over the moon about getting my first car soon but then now i will be getting it just in 2 days and i feel no excitement just depression. i bought all these wonderful things today amongst my shopping spoiled myself a bit and usually i would be so happy but just this whole day especially now i feel depressed about something and it irritates me that i don’t know what it is. im talking like real deep sadness as if something majorly tragic just happened i often just become randomly like this. really there is nothing wrong in my life at all. please comment and shed some light to this if you are like this or know what it is.

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Answer by amy
Maybe your having 2nd thoughts on your car? Try thinking positive things. You may just be thinking negatively.

Answer by Janel
Completely normal! But if you want to go get checked out, do it! Depression can happen for no reason, just like a physical sickness!

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