Another Depressed Person…what to Do?

Question by Mr. Realist: Another depressed person…what to do?
I’m 16 and in fourth form (10th grade). The unbearable school work and suckish life situation together has just been detrimental to me. I’m depressed to a point where I care not for anything anymore (guess I’m apathetic). I have a lot of outstanding homework which I just can’t be bothered to do, and I have exams in about 3 weeks, but basically, I just really don’t care. And yes, there have been suicidal thoughts such that I’ve searced for the least painfull way to die (carbon monoxide from car exhaust). Not to worry, I’m not so much “over the edge”, at least not yet. Just to let you know my situation is not one where my parents are constantly arguing and since high school I haven’t been bullied. This has also really messed up my relationship with God to a point where I don’t even care what the last days will bring for me (heavien or hell). The worst part is that I don’t want to seek prof. help, I just seem to be quite fine with how everything is. I’m stubborn, but, help if you can…

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Answer by Allie
Even though you don’t want to seek professional help, maybe you should. Perhaps there is a counselor at school or even a pastor you can speak to.

Answer by dbreds1994
ok im like this too!!!! welli used to be but i get picked on by my family because im not an athlete like mmy 5 brothers and sisters… yep and i had no friends till i noticed how no matter how bad my friends life was she always was happy!!!! ok see now what i do is when i feel depressed i watch youtube stuff like “fred loses his meds” or “charlie the unicorn(2)” and then i make up random stuff to say to people like “sometimes i just pee okay!?!? i just pee” or ill say stuff like “why not” or i will ask why over and over and over untill they are like shut the f up… then i sing weird songs to people and i lay my head down on tables and then i raise it and thn i rub the table off and say “its greasy from my face” then i see what people will say… but im just a little kid so my outlandish ideas may not work for a 16 year old… heehee

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